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argumentative essay
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Argumentative essay türü üniversitelerin hazırlık sınıflarındaki sınavlarda ve hazırlık geçme sınavlarında en çok karşımıza çıkan türlerden biridir. Bu türde bir fikir ortaya atılır tartışmalı bir konu hakkında ve bu fikir karşı fikri de çürütecek bir biçimde savunulur. Yani kısaca bir konuya, savunulacak bir fikre ve bir de çürütülecek karşı fikre ihtiyacımız var. Her ne kadar karşı fikri çürütecek de olsak, essay’imizde güçsüz bir karşı fikir sunmak essay’imizi kalitesiz yapacaktır. Kendi fikrimizi savunurken nasıl ki  araştırmalara ve alıntılara yer veriyorsak karşı fikirden bahsederken de bunlara yer vermeliyiz. Aradaki tek fark bizim fikrimizi daha sağlam sunmamız olacaktır.

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Argumentative Essay Kalıpları

Mesela toplum tarafından kabul görmüş ama çürüteceğimiz fikre giriş yaparken:

  • “Despite of the fact that … supposed true for some, the fact is quite opposite instead” şeklinde bir giriş yapabiliriz. Despite of the fact that, in spite of the fact that bizim çok işimize yarayacak iki kalıp olacak.

Bunun yanı sıra:

  • however,
  • thus,
  • therefore,
  • in addition,
  • moreover gibi bağlaçlar,
  • whereas the …. considered to be true gibi açılış cümleleri
  • although – though – after all – at the same time – on the other hand gibi sözcükler bir fikirden diğerine atlarken bize yardımcı olacaktır.
  • even if the OPPOSITION IDEA would be true, it needed to considered that
  • although OPPOSITION IDEA might have a good point
  • bearing in mind the OUR IDEA would be beneficial for the reasons that…
Şeklinde devam eden cümleler karşı fikirden kendi fikrimize geçme yolunda transition cümleler olabilirler.

Argumentative Essay Örnekleri

Burada size globalization’un insan sağlığı üzerindeki etkilerini anlatan bir essay örneği vereceğiz.

“Globalization is a manner of communication and incorporation between the individuals, corporations, and governments of diverse states, a procedure determined by global trade and venture and assisted by information know-how. This procedure has possessions on the environment, on values, on dogmatic structures, on monetary growth and wealth, and on social physical welfare in civilizations around the planet. Generally, people observe the bad sides of globalization nowadays; corrupting cultures, values and life styles. Ever widening income gap among poor and rich recalls the Matthew effect of Gospel: “Rich become richer and poor become poorer”. When we consider the health over globalization, there is a controversy whether it is good or bad. Despite of the fact that globalization has miscellaneous detrimental flanks, in terms of health, it aids the world’s condition of health too.

Globalization eased the cures for illnesses. One remedy for cancer, can be implemented across continents. “Cancer is a developing civic health problem that cannot be overlooked. We ought to foyer our front-runners, administrations, private sector and NGOs to take the essential action consequently that we might assist our individuals live healthy and creative lives.” (Howlett, 2015) On the other hand, globalization corrupts the hygiene and water sources. Industries that chases the motive of profit, dirt the world. Its significances would be either straight, at the level of entire populaces, persons and healthcare distribution schemes, or unintended, over the economy and additional aspects, like education, hygiene and water source (Woodward D, 2001) Moreover, cures provided by globalization are so rare and inadequate. There is no actual cure for cancer. Searching about a remedy in terms of removal is just not so accurate. There are some instances of it. Infant leukemia had a remedy rate nowadays of 90% nonetheless that is an exception. There are a little cancers that are treatable however most are possibly not counting the shared carcinomas in grownups. (Greaves, 2014) The World Health Organization (WHO) guesstimates that the demise peal from tobacco misuse single-handedly will grasp 10 million a year over the following twenty years. Up to 70% of these demises, triggered by lung tumor, circulatory illnesses (CVDs), lung illnesses, and diabetes also numerous further tobacco-related illnesses, will befall in emerging nations. (Murray CJ, 1997) Alcohol intake is an additional part in which the globalization of a business has directed to further health jeopardies (Jernigan DH, 1997) Nevertheless, contrasting tobacco usage, which considerably upsurges the jeopardy of mortality from a remarkable collection of illnesses (Stat, 1998 ) the impression of alcohol ingestion on wellbeing is considerably more multifaceted. There is a robust association among alcohol ingestion and liver cirrhosis, some cancers, plus most reasons of wounds and ferocity, even though negligible quantities of alcohol are adequate to decrease the jeopardy of CVD. (Murray CJ, 1997)

Through globalization, the knowledge researched about diseases transmitted through world. Transmission of knowledge for diseases eased thanks to globalization which brought us to the point that globalization is a shared knowledge. Referring to Collins inhabitants of transitional economies are no longer sheltered by an integrated health segment that delivers universal entrance to everybody and some clusters are even repudiated the most rudimentary medicinal services. (T, 2003) Improving Communications knowledges, which make it at ease to aware the pertinent the established order to the eruption of a specific illness and, more largely, to diffuse material on well-being matters. (Eugenio DÌaz-Bonilla, 2002 ) Developed nations deliver samples of operative, harmless, decent quality individual and non-personal attention. These samples comprise service urgencies like combined distribution correspondences; distribution representations; substructure and logistics of the provider system; management and supervision; security and excellence; and claim for attention. The society and organization of contributions and facilities to distribute such posts of attention would propose understandings to the industrialized world. In addition, emerging nations are shining in the manufacturing, examination and distribution of info by means of mobile technology – this stage is practical on a consistent foundation and in crises. Emerging nations are supporting the growth of nationwide info structures; healthy broadcasting and answer appliances; plus the capability to trail well-being organization performance over e-health info structures. Emerging nation experiences and triumphs in mobile well-being technology operation would notify and rouse patient-centered attention in industrialized nations. (Shamsuzzoha B Syed, Health20128) However, healthcare in US, even deteriorating. Considering privatization health care accessibility is lessening. Even though globalization on healthcare is increasing, The U.S. and some Latin American nations have observed a deterioration in the availability of health care succeeding the privatization of health amenities (GATS, 2001) In addition, internet eases to reach for drugs. A major aspect of globalization, internet, makes the access for drugs easy. The illegal trading of drugs and the provision of access to controlled drugs via the Internet are potential health risks. (Lee K, 2001)

Globalization changed our way of eating. Internet is a good sources to know what is healthy. Knowledge shared over internet dictates doing work out and eating healthy food.  Over internet, people tend to search sport knowledge for better well-being and recipes for healthier foods. (Clark, 2003) Despite of the fact that internet shares the knowledge for healthy foods, chain restaurants that offer over calorie foods leads to obesity. McDonaldization of the world leads to world obesity. “McDonald’s have the menus delivers over calorie foods that leads to obesity.” States Eugenio Diaz-Bonilla. (Eugenio DÌaz-Bonilla, 2002 ) Moreover, internet promotes junk food at the same time. Pages like tasty promotes junk and over fatly foods over internet. Superfluous energy consumption consequences, together with bodily action, in obesity. Fatness is a snowballing health glitch and has numerous co-morbidities like non-insulin reliant diabetes and circulatory illnesses. (PubMed, 2005)

Despite of the fact that globalization has some bad effects upon our health conditions, it eased the distribution of knowledge, therefore, we are better reaching information in every part of the world. Thus, we can cure inadequately supported parts of the world. Whereas fast food chains makes the world fat, we are able to reach work out and healthy food information through internet. Even if globalization leads bad sides, it is not really the globalization, it is us. The world is shaping with our actions.”

Argumentative Essay Examples

Yukarıda bahsettiğimiz argumentative essay örneği argumentative essay examples konusu içinde değerlendirilebilir. Argumentative essay türü tarışmalı konuları açığa cıkarmak ve bir fikri öne sunmak için yazılır. Bu essay türünde bir PRO bir CON bir de refutation paragrafı olur. Bazı hocalar refutation ve CON paragraflarını aynı paragraf içinde ister. Refutation ise PRO paragrafında savunduğumuz görüşün tam olarak zıddını savunmaktır. Mesela PRO paragrafında bayraklar kırmızıdır demişsek refutation paragrafında bayraklar kırmızı değildir demeliyiz, yani tam tersini savunmalıyız. CON paragfında ise sarı bayraklar da var diyebiliriz ama refutation kısmında tam tersini söylemeliyiz.


Argumentative essay türü tartışmalı konuları açığa çıkarmak ve bir fikri öne sunmak için yazılır. Yani; çocuklara ölüm cezası verilip verilmemesi, televizyonun iyi ve kötü etkileri, küreselleşmenin sonuçları, ekonominin insanlar üzerindeki etkileri, oyunlar ve etkileri, ırklar arası evlilik, dinler arası evlilik, modanın güzel giyinmek mi yoksa tüketim kültürü mü olduğu, medyanın insanlar üzerindeki etkisi, kadınların abortion hakları gibi konularda yazılabilir.