Cause and Effect Essay Nasıl Yazılı [Örnekler ve Kalıpları ile Anlatım]

cause and effect essay
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Cause and Effect essay nasıl yazılır,  örnekleri nelerdir, kalıpları, topic seçimleri gibi konuları bu yazımızda sizlerle paylaşacağız. Bu essay türü hazırlık sınavlarında ve hazırlık geçme sınavlarında en çok karşımıza çıkan türlerden biridir. Bu essay türünde danışmanlık hizmeti almak için bize sitemizden, [email protected]‘dan ya da aşağıdaki canlı destek kısmından ulaşabilirsiniz 🙂

Essay’de bize bir problem verilir, yani cause, sonra da bize bunun neden olduğu sorulur, yani effect.  Biz de probleme çözüm ya da çözümler üretir ve bu çözümlerin neler olduğunu anlatırız.

Ufak bir örnek verecek olursak:

  • Eğer vurulursan (sebep) – If you get shot (cause)
  • Kan kaybından ölürsün (sonuç) – You will die by blood loss. (effect)

 Cause and Effect Essay Nasıl Yazılır

Yazmaya başlamadan önce bir outline oluşturmamız gerekiyor. Outline’da problemin ne olduğunu, bu probleme ne gibi çözümler üretebileceğimizi madde madde yazmalıyız. Bu kısımda aklımıza saçma ya da değil ne geliyorsa yazmalıyız ki, buna brainstorming denir yani beyin fırtınası, daha sonra aralarından ne mantıklı; daha da ötesinde en çok içerik üretebileceğimiz ve konu ile en çok bağlantılı olan maddeleri seçelim. Bu çözümleri seçtikten sonra ise geriye kalan seçtiğimiz çözümlere göre bir thesis oluşturmak ve etkileyici bir giriş yani hook cümlesi kurmak.

Body paragraflarına geldiğimiz zaman da bulduğumuz çözümleri araştırmalara; ünlü, saygın ve alanında söz sahibi kişilerin sözlerine dayandırmalıyız. Şunu da belirtmek isteriz ki Wikipedia bir kaynak olamaz. Bu en çok yapılan yanlışlardan biridir. Akademik essay’lere Wikipedia’dan alıntılar koymayın arkadaşlar 🙂 Çok büyük ihtimalle okulunuz bir çok database’e üyedir, oralardan aramalar yaparak sonuca ulaşabilirsiniz.

Cause and Effect Essay Örnekleri

Burada sizinle transportasyonun trafiği nasıl etkilediği hakkında bir essay paylaşacağız.

“The notion that public transportation discharges highway overcrowding is equally rational and prevalent, nonetheless the indication for it is definitely varied. The “ultimate commandment of street overcrowding,” for example, proposes that transit miscarries to discharge road traffic since concealed request for street space is so excessive. (The lone expectation of dipping overcrowding, according to this essay, is creating road prices.) Hence, although there are numerous amount of motives to care the public subsidy of community transportation — sustainability, for example, or communal wellbeing — economists do not all name congestion assistance to be one. As expansion of urbans turn out to be more marked, traffic administration turn out to be extra puzzling. Nations need to help their citizens to encounter today’s extraordinary desires for better-quality transportation organizations as well as augmented movement by steering the multifaceted trials related with the scheduling and design of metropolises and conveyance organizations. (JAFFE, 2013) This essay will try to illuminate the point that how transportation effects the traffic.

It is a conventional datum in the transport poetry that figure transportation appeals an uneven part of community funds however transports an insignificant portion of travelers. In 2010, community transportation got 23% of federal road and transportation expenditures nonetheless hold for 1% of traveler miles voyaged (US Department of Transportation., 2003) National, local, and central grants surpass $40 billion for each year and hold 63% of functioning charges and 100% of principal costs. Even in Washington, DC – which claims the second fullest metro structure in the United States – transports holds for solitary 5% of commuter miles voyaged. (US Department of Transportation., 2003) An imperative feature that has got slight courtesy in the prevailing poetry is that travelers on diverse streets in the identical urban zone face abruptly diverse intensities of overcrowding throughout rush hours. Standardizing the prototype, by Anderson’s work, utilizing information from the Los Angeles metro zone, he forecast possessions on overcrowded times that are roughly six times grander than a prototype that does not hold for heterogeneity in bottleneck intensities. This forecast is considerably bigger than preceding approximations, as well as the qualitative deduction is vigorous to extensive differences in limit values. The perception is honest: Transportation is most striking to voyagers who face the nastiest bottleneck, therefore an inconsistent amount of transportation travelers are customers who could or else have to use on the most crowded streets at the most jammed periods. Meanwhile car user on deeply jammed streets have a greatly advanced marginal effect on overcrowding than car user on the normal street, transportation has a great impression on dipping traffic flow bottleneck.

As that debate just got a lot more interesting with some new work (Anderson, 2013) by Berkeley academic Michael Anderson, who contends that “the vivid aids of transportation systems seem to be considerably superior than formerly supposed.” By examining the impression of a Los Angeles transportation slowdown in 2003, Anderson discovered that overcrowding did decline significantly — nonetheless merely on streets that carried hefty transportation passages. He proposes that former investigation has concentrated too much on over-all metro circulation as well as not sufficient on the particular streets that transportation is most probable to effect: “The perception is frank: Transportation is most eye-catching to travelers who encounter the nastiest overcrowded times, thus a uneven amount of transportation riders are travelers who might or else have to drive on the most overfilled streets at the most overfilled periods. Meanwhile car user on deeply overfilled streets have a considerably greater marginal effect on overcrowding on the roads than car drivers on the regular street, transportation has a big influence on dipping traffic bottleneck.

In October of 2003, Los Angeles transportation workforces went on slowdown for 35 days, closing down main means of transportation and rail ways. Anderson observed at hourly traffic haste information on main L.A. throughways throughout this period. The information revealed that, throughout crowning phases, the regular postponement augmented 47 percent on mentioned streets. The possessions were major on throughways that paralleled transportation — and statistically unimportant on streets in adjacent regions.

A few instances. On U.S. 101, for example, which counterparts the main Red Line underpass, the normal postponement augmented 90 percent throughout the slowdown, conferring to Anderson. For throughways that are not counterparts to transportation passages, the normal postponement augmented just 29 percent. The postponement on 101 throughout pre-lunch at highest, in specific, augmented 123 percent; the pre-lunch postponement on throughways that didn’t counterparts transportation solitary go up 56 percent. Anderson formerly infers his conclusions to demonstrate the financial advantage of community transportation to the country. Utilizing some back-of-the-envelope designs, he speaks the bottleneck relief delivered by the Los Angeles scheme varies among $1.2 billion and $4.1 billion for each year. In other words, the great charge of building transportation structures derived with substantial financial improvements. Anderson states: “Opposing to the deductions in the current conveyance and city finances poetry, the bottleneck assistance aids unaccompanied might defend transportation substructure investments.”

Public transportation holds for merely 1% of U.S. traveler miles voyaged however appeals robust civic provision. Utilizing a meek choice exemplary, Anderson forecast that transportation users are probably to be persons who commute lengthways ways with the most unadorned street postponements. These persons’ assortments consequently have so great marginal influences on overcrowding. He check this forecast with information from an unexpected slowdown in 2003 by Los Angeles transportation workforces. Approximating a regression break plan, he discovered that normal road postponement upsurges 47% when transportation facility stops. This consequence is reliable with his prototype’s forecasts as well as numerous times greater than previous approximations, which have commonly decided that community transportation delivers negligible overcrowding assistance. He discovered that the remaining assistances of transportation schemes seem to be greatly superior than formerly supposed.”

Cause and Effect Essay Kalıpları

Cause and effect essay türünde sebepler yani cause’ler için:

  • Because,
  • due to the fact that,
  • due to,
  • at glance,
  • primary cause is,
  • another is,
  • since,
  • for,
  • firstly,
  • primarily,
  • secondly,
  • on the following,
  • subsequently gibi kelimeler kullanabiliriz.

Bağlaçlar için:

  • Nonetheless,
  • however,
  • thus,
  • therefore,
  • nevertheless,
  • despite of the fact that,
  • in spite of the fact that,
  • moreover,
  • in addition gibi kalıpları kullanabiliriz.

Cause effect kalıpları:

  • So
  • thus
  • therefore
  • hence
  • consequently
  • accordingly : Bu nedenle
  • From all the reasons stated above / below / beyond : Yukardaki, aşağıdaki, ilerdeki konuşulan / konuşulacak nedenlerden dolayı

Bir şeyin ehemmiyetini anlatırken:

  • It’s important to keep in mind that:  Şunun da akılda tutulması önemli ki
  • It’s better to note that: … Şunun da vurgulanması iyi olacaktır.


Cause and effect essay topic her konudan gelebilir. Ama genelde sigara kullanımının sebep ve sonuçları, küresel ısınmanın sebep ve sonuçları, boşanmalara neler yol açar, boşanmaların çocuklara etkileri nelerdir, dünyadaki açlığın ve sefaletin nedenleri, evsizliğe neler neden olur, sefalet içinde büyüyen çocuklar ilerde ne gibi sorunlara neden olur, yetersiz beslenmenin sonuçları, şehirdeki yetersiz temizlik hizmetleri ne gibi sorunlara yol açar, işsizliğin aile ve toplum üzerindeki sonuçları, stresin vücut anatomisindeki etkileri, Afrika’daki açlığın nedenleri, Afrika’daki HIV virüsünün toplum üzerindeki sonuçları  gibi aslında topluma zarar veren toplumda izler bırakan konular öncelikli olarak ele alınır.


Daha önce de anlattığımız gibi öncelikle cause and effect essay türünde, general statement ve güzel bir hook ile başlayıp daha sonra thesis statement kısmında sebepleri ve sonuçları sıralayıp introduction kısmını bitiriyoruz. Genelde 500-600 kelimelik bir essay yazmanız isteneceği için 2 body paragrafı size yetecektir.